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“Our customers expect a lot from us – and they should.”

The changing face of the ICT industry drives EBT’s strategy to provide industry leading products and services to its clientele in the middle eastern region by partnering with the best-known companies in the world. The company has geared itself to meet this challenge by offering an innovative range of products and allied services and being sensitive to the precise needs of today’s customer. At EBT, our success relies heavily on the success of our partners. Whether you’re a global entity innovating for the future, a manufacturer providing products and services in regions across the world, our focus is helping you grow your company.

We comprehensively evaluate our business partners based on such factors as quality, price, adherence to delivery times, technological capabilities and management information. We also assess their initiatives for safety, the environment and compliance as we strive for the timely and stable procurement of excellent products on fair business transactions. EBT is constantly seeking to partner with the solution providers with innovative product & service offerings.
It is this approach that provides the foundation for our partnerships, helping us solve the world’s toughest challenges together.

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Interconnect Solutions has always stayed true to its commitment in delivering excellent quality products and services. Moreover, Interconnect Solutions is driven by a team of experts, who ensure that the latest innovations and manufacturing processes are implemented, so that it can exceed in meeting standards of the highest quality and performance.
At Interconnect Solutions, we are known for our ability to anticipate the demand of future markets with progressive research & development. We continuously monitor and interpret the industry trends so that we can meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Throughout the years, Interconnect solutions has evolved and grown to be the preferred network & power solutions provider for various industries. Since its birth in the year 2005, headquartered in the UK, Interconnect solutions has managed to position itself as an industry expert in the field of network infrastructure (Copper, Fibre, RF/wireless network) & Power back-up solutions.


Al Babtain provides multifaceted solutions to ever-evolving, cutting-edge industry sectors. Our energy revolves around power and telecommunications infrastructure. we deliver results direct from trusted suppliers to our valued customers – our progressive, evolutionary in nature proves to be ground-breaking in a thriving industry. Our benchmarks are high and are reflected in the full range of products and services offered to our clients.

Capacity and Capability are stand-out strengths of Al Babtain. Our experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities and on-time delivery yields top-notch quality for our customers. Our focus – dynamic production – Al Babtain rises to new heights as a full service company; design engineering, industrial manufacturing, delivery and installation are always top of mind. We embody our customers core values from high level professional service to depth of commitment with end results driving fully integrated productivity, exceeding industry standards.
The sky is the limit with Al Babtain – since our inception in 1955 – we have enjoyed accelerated growth and sustainability. By leveraging our company vision, we have taken power and telecommunications to a new level; our work can be described as a complete package by integrating manufactured lighting poles with lighting fixtures and by producing towers with a business approach to diversify and enter the telecommunications field. Equally important for customer satisfaction is expanding geographical markets which now include facilities in Egypt and France.